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Listed below are frequently asked questions about REVU as a customer feedback and online review platform.

These FAQs cover many high-level questions. If you are seeking detailed specifics about our platform or features, please see our Knowledge Base for more information.

What is REVU?

REVU is designed to let a business easily implement a customer feedback and online review management solution. The product automatically requests and tracks customer feedback, helps prevent bad reviews, streams reviews out to the business website and social channels and encourages happy customers to leave online reviews across the Internet.

Online Reviews are becoming increasingly important in the decision process of your customers and clients. Search Engines such as Google rank websites with reviews higher!

Will REVU work for any type of business?

REVU can be used for “any” type of business that can benefit from a consistent process for generating, capturing, and responding to customer feedback so they can create a virtuous cycle of customer engagement and service improvement.

REVU is designed to let a small business easily implement a best practice customer feedback/review management process.

The product automatically solicits and tracks feedback, minimizes the number of bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to the business website and social channels and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

Key benefits of REVU:

#1 Get better search results: The more reviews and testimonials you get, the better your search results become. Which leads to more customers and more reviews.

#2 Capture feedback: Get in the habit of creating a dialogue with customers so you can build on your strengths, catch problems early, and constantly improve your service.

#3 Generate word-of-mouth: REVU helps you generate the referrals, testimonials, and other word- of-mouth feedback that leads to repeat business.

1st Party vs. 3rd Party Review – What’s the difference?

First-party reviews (REVU product) – User reviews that are collected and displayed on your own website with no input from the business owner.

Third-party reviews – User reviews that are collected by third-party websites, such as Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor, which are independent of the business.

Monitor sites vs. Review Request sites – What’s the difference?

Monitor Sites – These are sites which the REVU tool can automatically find, pull in to the dashboard and showcase within its widgets, for example Google, Facebook, Yell, Tripadvisor, Checkatrade etc.. New reviews will appear in Customer Activity on the dashboard, notifications, and various reports including the Success Report. Use REVU to monitor and respond to reviews, understand customer sentiment, and manage customer experience.

Review Request sites – Sites whereby reviews cannot automatically be pulled into the dashboard or showcased, but the software can still promote happy clients to leave feedback/reviews on them, for example Treatwell, Which, Trust-a-trader etc. REVU enables you to ask for reviews on online review sites (3rd-party reviews) from your customer.

View list of sites that can be monitored

View list of sites that can be requested

PC, Mac, tablet, or Smartphone – Does REVU work on any of them?

Yes – to all of the above. 

REVU uses “Responsive design” and works great on any PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and more. 

REVU works with all modern browser versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox etc. REVU also works on all types of websites – HTML, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and more.

Do I need a website to use REVU?

The short answer is No — You do not need to have a website to use the platform. 

REVU provides you with everything you need including a feedback page and email forms to communicate with your customers right away. 

However, we encourage every business owner to have a website. REVU will allow you to embed customer testimonials on your website and ask for feedback right on your website. 

REVU uses the Google friendly Schema.org format to display your selected reviews and testimonials, which are indexed as unique content of your site. REVU of course works on all types of websites – HTML, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and more. The design is fully responsive for Phone and Tablet users and works on any Mac and PC browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox etc.

Physical Address – Do I need to have a physical address to use REVU?

No — You do not need to have a physical address. 

A physical address is only needed to register for REVU. Use your business mailing address or any other address.

Does REVU require a lot of my time each week?

REVU is a fully automated solution and for many businesses only requires about 15 to 30 minutes of work each week or less depending on many factors and settings you utilise.

Once your account is created, you can take advantage of several automated features, such as automatically sending and receiving feedback emails and alerts. Automatically approve positive reviews to show on the web, while hiding negative ones. As well as automated follow up and reminder emails to just name a few.

Google, Bing, and other search engines – Do these index feedback and testimonials left by my customer?

Yes — all content presented by the Testimonials Widget is able to be indexed by Google and Bing as part of your website. It is marked up in the Schema.org review format, a rich-snippet format that Google and Bing recognizes. In many cases, we’ve seen testimonial pages get enough page rank that the review “stars” also show up in the Google search results.

Google – Will the reviews automatically go straight onto my Google page?

You get new Google reviews as soon as the customer clicks the link in the follow up email to leave their review on Google as well. As Google and Facebook have strict verification protocols, it has to be the customer themselves that leaves the review on Google. That is why we have the follow up email campaign, so we can remind the customers to leave their review on Google as well.

If the customers do not click the link in the email, then you won’t have a new Google review. The feedback they leave you using your app will be live on the REVU Tool straight away and on your website if you have the widget installed so it can be seen immediately!

There are a few reasons why the app is more beneficial than just asking straight away for the customer to leave you a review on Google. The customer leaving is usually in a rush to leave, so the feedback form makes it quick to get the feedback. Then later when that person has more time to check their emails that’s when they see the email from you thanking them for leaving feedback and asking them to copy their review on Google as well. They will usually now be on their own device and already logged in, so it’s easier for them to leave the review too.

Also, you don’t want to ask for a Google review straight away when you don’t know if the feedback is positive or negative!

I do not have customer email addresses..

No problem , many businesses don’t have email addresses for their customers.

Now is a good time to start collecting them. REVU works great on mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPads, etc. so you can just add the customer’s name and email address right there while they are in your store/office.

REVU provides a “Kiosk Mode” and a short direct feedback “URL” unique to your business. These methods actually help you acquire the customer’s email address.

Kiosk mode is great for using REVU onsite while with your customers. The Unique Feedback URL can be added to printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the customer’s email or name.

Of course REVU never holds your customer data hostage. We can export all data at any time.

Other Review Sites – Does REVU work with them?

REVU captures feedback from your customers that can be used on your website, and automatically encourages your happy customers to leave you online reviews, on sites like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and others by making it easy for them.

This approach provides unique testimonials and reviews that the search engines love.

Testimonial Page – Do I get to keep it if I cancel?

The testimonial page is a live version of the REVU Tool, so if the account is deactivated (cancelled) then the reviews will no longer be visible.

To keep the Testimonial Page live you do need to be an active paying customer!

Cancellation – What happens if I cancel REVU?

As with services such as SKY TV or Netflix, for example, once you cancel the service it will simply switch off.

We will be able to provide you with a CSV or PDF file copy of all of the reviews you have gained while with us. You could have a website developer load these onto your website nicely to still be able to show those reviews although of course it won’t be the live feedback version.

Any of the live aspects of the tool will be deactivated so you will not be able to collect new reviews or showcase them.

Reactivation – Can I reactivate the service and if so, what is the cost?

We can reactivate the software at any point, and there’s no setup fees to pay. The great news is that the service will automatically switch back on, all of your previous links will remain the same and any embedded widgets will start showcasing all of your previous reviews.