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Why can’t I see all of my reviews on my website?

Firstly RevU acts as a filter so you can control the star rating above which reviews will be displayed via the RevU widgets on your website.

By default we set this rating to 4 Stars or above and only positive (Yes) recommendations for Facebook. So if you think you have missing reviews first just check the rating you were given.

You can change these settings at any time and also control which individual reviews to display via the RevU Portal or just contact us and we can adjust the settings for you.

Is also important to understand that in order to boost the SEO value of the widget to your website. They are designed to display up to 15 reviews per page so although only a certain number of pages maybe displayed there are more than the 3 visible reviews associated to each page number on the widget.

The purpose of this is that the widgets are not just to showcase your latest and greatest reviews they are also intended to help boost your reputation and visibility online. This means keeping Google’s crawlers and bots happy as well as the potential customers that visit your site.

Updated on December 17, 2019

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