AHPRA Compliance

Under section 133(1)(c) of the National Law, a person must not advertise a regulated health service in a way that uses a testimonial or purported testimonial. This means the National Law does not allow the use of testimonials to advertise regulated health services or a business that provides a regulated health service.

‘Testimonial’ means a statement, review, view or feedback about a service received or provided. In the context of the National Law, a testimonial involves recommendations or positive statements about clinical aspects of a regulated health service.

The National Law defines a regulated health service as a service provided by, or usually provided by, a registered health practitioner. If a review is not about a regulated health service then it is not covered by the National Law.

Advertising is the public promotion of a regulated health service to attract users to the health provider or encourage the use of the health provider’s service.

The National Law only bans testimonials used in advertising a regulated health service.

You can remain compliant while still using RevU by not installing the widgets onto your site unless you are positive your Reviews are compliant. You can control which Reviews are displayed on a case by case basis to achieve this.

The regulations don’t stop the use of RevU to request and generate reviews simply how those reviews are used in advertising so RevU will still help you to increase the number of reviews use receive even without the use of the website widgets.

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Updated on December 19, 2019

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