HIPAA Compliance

Is RevU HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All communications in RevU is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. We take HIPAA compliant measures to appropriately safeguard PHI (Protected Health Information).

What patient information does RevU store?

For a doctor or health professional that uses RevU, the only information present in the system for clients is:

# First name
# Last name
# Email address
# Phone number

Will GRevU provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement)?

RevU will provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) to paying customers upon request. Please email: [email protected]

Does RevU allow patients (customers) to opt-out from using their feedback as review?

Every feedback request form contains a checkbox allowing the customer to opt-in or out.

Does RevU allow patients (customers) to unsubscribe?

​Yes. Every email communication includes an unsubscribe link.

Does RevU transmit data securely?

Yes. All data is transmitted via HTTPS.

Do reviews received show on the Review Widget automatically?

We offer the ability to review all feedback received and approve only selected feedback to be shown on the Review Widget.

Updated on December 19, 2019

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