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Will REVU work for any type of Business?

REVU can be used for “any” type of business that can benefit from a consistent process for generating, capturing, and responding to customer feedback so they can create a virtuous cycle of customer engagement and service improvement.

REVU is designed to let a small business easily implement a best practice customer feedback/review management process.

The product automatically solicits and tracks feedback, minimises the number of bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to the business website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

Key benefits of REVU:

1) Get better search results: The more reviews and testimonials you get, the better your search results become. Which leads to more customers and more reviews.

2) Capture feedback: Get in the habit of creating a dialogue with customers so you can build on your strengths, catch problems early, and constantly improve your service.

3) Generate word-of-mouth: REVU helps you generate the referrals, testimonials, and other word- of-mouth feedback that leads to repeat business.

Updated on May 19, 2023

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